Aphra Behn: Spy, Author, and Ashford’s First Feminist

What is it with Ashford’s heritage and spying?  In February, I wrote about Ashford’s links to Ian Fleming, drawing on his experience as a secret agent, to write the James Bond novels.  And, I’m conscious I’ve yet to write about Freddie Forsyth, also mentioned in the Fleming post: another spy and famous espionage novelist, hailing from Ashford.  But, before all … More Aphra Behn: Spy, Author, and Ashford’s First Feminist

St Mary the Virgin Church, Ashford

The medieval street pattern of Ashford town centre is one of the heritage charms for twenty-first century shoppers.  Narrow alleys between Tudor buildings; low shop doorways; buildings very close to each other.  You might walk down North Street, past the Epes’ family house, between the Market buildings in Middle Row with their four hundred year old … More St Mary the Virgin Church, Ashford

The Panorama, Ashford

  I have had many, many conversations about the Panorama in the past few months.  All my closest, funniest friends agree: the building is 50 shades of grey … and not in a good way.  They also think I am crazy (I think the actual word used was ‘over-educated’) in defending it.  And would not … More The Panorama, Ashford

The Ashford Tales

  Walking along North Street late yesterday afternoon, about 4pm, I noticed a group of people gesturing towards Hopewell House.  As I got nearer, I realised it was a theatrical performance, giving a taster of The Ashford Tales.  This is a family-friendly play-cum-walking tour, sharing dark tales, heroic deeds and – my favourite bit –  “sheer … More The Ashford Tales

Espionage in Ashford

A piece of trivia caught my imagination recently (trivia tends to do that when deadlines are pressing).  I discovered that Ian Fleming, OO7 writer, wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his son, Caspar; my son is also called Caspar.  Intrigued by this coincidence, with the clock ticking and the deadline fast approaching, I decided this … More Espionage in Ashford