Ashford from a distance

Earlier, it was a glorious spring morning, so I thought this was the time to take the panoramic shot of Ashford I had planned for the headline image of this blog.  In the last couple of weeks, the vagaries of life had conspired against me finding a spare half hour, but today I had nothing pressing and perfect weather conditions.

Until I drove along the Canterbury Road, that is.

Towards Ashford

The cloud’s shadow, chased me up the slope of Crundale Village, along the Olantigh Road and then up through the Wye Downs, til I got to the carpark at the top.  Glad of my jersey and with the breeze in my hair, I walked to the top of the Devil’s Punchbowl and did the best I could.

towards wye
Towards Wye


Ashford pano 2
From Brabourne Lees, past Ashford and onto King’s Wood … with attendant cloud


wye view chart
Description of panorama photo above

Yes: these photos are taken with my little phone.  Yes: I’m not a trained photographer.

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