Henry VI and Ashford’s Rebel: Jack Cade

This week, across the world, people have been expressing dissatisfaction with their leaders.  Whether it’s through democratic means: voting for Presidential nominees for forthcoming US elections, or in the general election campaign in Japan; or, more dictatorially, through an attempted military coup in Turkey, those countries’ populations are disgruntled and trying to make their voice … More Henry VI and Ashford’s Rebel: Jack Cade

Ashford’s England Football Manager

I’m not a huge football fan but even I know Euro 2016 is happening at the moment.  My dad is still smarting over England’s defeat against Iceland and their consequent elimination from the tournament.  But did you know that England’s recently-resigned football manager played football for Ashford? Roy Hodgson was born in Croydon, Surrey and … More Ashford’s England Football Manager

Love in Ashford

Despite the gravestones in the main picture, this is actually a slightly frivolous post!  Having enjoyed the combination of Doe and Crust in my post on No 4 Middle Row, Ashford Town, it reminded me of the photos I had taken of these two gravestones. The first, nearest my dog (him, again), is for Edward Love. … More Love in Ashford