Aphra Behn: Spy, Author, and Ashford’s First Feminist

What is it with Ashford’s heritage and spying?  In February, I wrote about Ashford’s links to Ian Fleming, drawing on his experience as a secret agent, to write the James Bond novels.  And, I’m conscious I’ve yet to write about Freddie Forsyth, also mentioned in the Fleming post: another spy and famous espionage novelist, hailing from Ashford.  But, before all … More Aphra Behn: Spy, Author, and Ashford’s First Feminist

St Mary the Virgin Church, Ashford

The medieval street pattern of Ashford town centre is one of the heritage charms for twenty-first century shoppers.  Narrow alleys between Tudor buildings; low shop doorways; buildings very close to each other.  You might walk down North Street, past the Epes’ family house, between the Market buildings in Middle Row with their four hundred year old … More St Mary the Virgin Church, Ashford

The Panorama, Ashford

  I have had many, many conversations about the Panorama in the past few months.  All my closest, funniest friends agree: the building is 50 shades of grey … and not in a good way.  They also think I am crazy (I think the actual word used was ‘over-educated’) in defending it.  And would not … More The Panorama, Ashford

The Ashford Tales

  Walking along North Street late yesterday afternoon, about 4pm, I noticed a group of people gesturing towards Hopewell House.  As I got nearer, I realised it was a theatrical performance, giving a taster of The Ashford Tales.  This is a family-friendly play-cum-walking tour, sharing dark tales, heroic deeds and – my favourite bit –  “sheer … More The Ashford Tales

Espionage in Ashford

A piece of trivia caught my imagination recently (trivia tends to do that when deadlines are pressing).  I discovered that Ian Fleming, OO7 writer, wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his son, Caspar; my son is also called Caspar.  Intrigued by this coincidence, with the clock ticking and the deadline fast approaching, I decided this … More Espionage in Ashford

Living Life on the Edge in Ashford

So, I admit it: I’m quite a ‘niche’ googler.  We all have the odd little ‘foible’.  Some might consider their eccentricities, at best, unusual.  This month, I’ve been researching loos again (yes, I’ve done it before with The Heritage Value of Lavatories* )  But, this time, it’s even more edgy … I’ve gone outside. And. Up. If … More Living Life on the Edge in Ashford